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As of Oct. 4, the U.S.-led coalition had conducted 10,048 strikes in Iraq against ISIS and an additional5,433 in Syria. Three Americans have beenkilled in combat. As for the Afghan war, Obama had promised in May 2014 to bring it to a responsible end, pledging to bring home all but a handful of American soldiers by the end of 2016. By July 2016, he had reassessed his plans , announcing that he would leave about 8,400 troops in Afghanistan at the end of his second term. In his Dec. 10, 2009, Nobel speech, Obama envisioned modern conflict as wars within nations, sometimes feeding off secessionist or ethnic conflict, and imprisoning civilians in unending chaos not a bad description of Syria. And he had acknowledged that he did not have a definitive solution to กระเป๋า-แบรนด์ โรง-เกลือ the problems of war. In a recent interview with New York magazine, the presidentseemed to acknowledge his mission-not-quite-accomplished. I think America will continue to have work to do in finding this balance between not elevating every terrorist attack into a full-blown war but not either leaving ourselves exposed to attacks or, alternatively, pretending as if we can just take shots wherever we want, whenever we want, and not be answerable to anybody, he said. What Ive tried to do is to move the needle in the right direction, to set some trends in the right direction. But theres gonna be a lot more work to do. Correction: This story initially omitted Teddy Roosevelts Nobel Peace Prize.

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But before they do, we're taking a look back at other first Inaugural Ball dances through the years, starting with Ronald and Nancy Reagan.Watch former presidents and first ladies take their first dances above! PHOTOS: Presidential First Children Through the Years, From Alice Roosevelt to Sasha Obama In January 1985, the Reagans took a dance around the "American Celebration" stage at the DC Armory dressed to impress. While the newly minted President wore a crisp tuxedo, his wife chose a white, beaded, long-sleeved column dress. After that, there was George H.W. and Barbara Bush (in January 1989), Bill and Hillary Clinton (in January 1993), George W. and Laura Bush (in January 2005) and of course, most recently, Barack and Michelle Obama (in January 2009). PHOTOS: Relive Michelle Obama's 10 Best Style Moments of All Time While each first lady's fashion choices were admired, Michelle's dresses for both the 2009 and 2013 Inaugural Balls in her husband's honor are especially beloved for their combination of tastefulness and modernity. They were also crafted by the same designer: Jason Wu, who Mrs.

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